Embed Module within Tab

first post: dgshue wrote: Hello, I'm working with the AccordianTabs module and I would like ...

customize the color and position of the tabs

first post: carlosem wrote: HI how can i customize the color and the position of the tabs. ...

latest post: sypa wrote: I just downloaded the bootstrap helpers instead from https://dnnbo...

Collapse/Expand All

first post: denilia wrote: Hi, is it possible to create/configure Collapse/Expand All feature?

How can I make it show an specific tab when shown the page

first post: luisll wrote: Excellent module, simple to use and very versatil! Still is there...

Many thanks

first post: JohnBlumstein wrote: for this very useful module! Looks great - works great.

latest post: ckoeber wrote: Thank you. Glad everything works for you.

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